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Chapter 2, pg 35 (20 Jan 2016)

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"Derek," Rachel says beseechingly, but Spurling continues to speak. "Mr Allen has been living off funding for the last several years with no near end in sight. We should exhaust every option before we allow him to continue wasting government resources."

"Exactly!" Nate says.

"Exactly," he repeats, leaning in to Victor, who is staring at Spurling, shellshocked.

"Thank you, Mr Allen. You are dismissed," says Spurling. Victor clenches his teeth. Rachel touches his shoulder to try and comfort him.

He slams his hands on the desk, sending things flying, and furiously stands up.

He storms out of the office, fist clenched around his hoodie. "And get some sleep. You look awful," Nate calls after him. Oblivious, Spurling says, "Rachel, what do I press to open my email?"

Back in Unit 3, Julia is watching David play a game.

She perks up immediately as Victor enters the room.

"That was quick!" she says excitedly. "What was the-" Victor stomps straight up the stairs. "Nothing," he says.

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they're back!!!!