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Chapter 2, pg 36 (27 Jan 2016)

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Julia presses her face against the slats of the bannister, watching Victor climb the stairs. "You don't even know what I was going to ask," she pouts. "I'm going to bed," says Victor. "It's only three," Julia says. "So?" Victor snaps.

Julia turns back to David, frowning. "Someone's in a huff," she says.

Victor opens the door to his bedroom.

He flops onto the bed with a hard whumph sound.

He lies there, half dangling off the bed, face pressed against the pillow.

Chapter end.

End of page.

AND THAT'S THE END OF CHAPTER 2!! Tomorrow is actually the one year anniversary of the comic which is AMAZING timing (thanks, me, for skipping so many updates and making this possible).

Some announcements! I'm going to take a three week break while I work on Chapter 3 and build up a buffer. The chapter will start on the 24th of February, but in the meantime there will be guest art posted twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays so check back in to see that sweet sweet art.

I'm also going to be launching my Patreon along with Chapter 3! Patreon is a great way to support the comic and there's going to be loads of cool stuff on there so stay tuned for that! If you want to make a one-off donation, you can always pop by my paypal tip jar. It's HUGELY appreciated.

Lastly, every page should now be updated with the new font. If you notice any weirdly-sized or missed pages please let me know!

Thanks so much for reading, it's been so much fun making this comic for you over the last year. See you soon for Chapter 3!!!