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Chapter 3, pg 4 (16 Mar 2016)

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"You're going where?" Cameron hoots in disbelief.

The kids are in the cafeteria eating breakfast. "Leave him alone, Cam," Julia says, a little annoyed. A pair of crutches are propped up against the table next to her. "Sorry, I've just never heard of that happening," Cameron says. "Ever." "Yeah, well," Victor says loudly, looking hard at his food.

"Maybe it's a good thing?" David says. "Maybe they're looking at you for a work licence, not domestic." "Mm," Victor grunts, playing with his food. Sid, who is passing by the table, looks over and asks, "What's going on?"

"Victor's been called to Urquhart for his release interview. They're not doing it here," Julia explains. "WHAAAAAAT," Sid says gleefully.

They turn to Jo. "Jo, did you hear that?" they say. "Hear what?" says Jo. Victor looks pleadingly at Julia and says, "Don't tell Sid! They'll tell everyone!"

Rabbit appears in the cafeteria doorway and calls out, "Allen! Walten-Kite! Your cars are here." Scott is dressed in regular clothes and has a large duffel bag; Sylvia and Toby, two of the kids, are hugging him goodbye. Victor reluctantly pushes his seat away from the table as he gets up. "Good luck," David says. "Please make sure Julia doesn't tell anyone else," Victor mumbles.

"You know I can't promise anything," David says. Victor tugs on his hoodie drawstrings and walks away with his shoulders raised. "I know," he says grimly.

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way to go, julia