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Chapter 3, pg 5 (23 Mar 2016)

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Victor and Scott wait awkwardly. outside the Earl Estate. There is a sign above the door that says VISITOR'S ENTRANCE and another, smaller sign next to it that says ENTER AT OWN RISK. Scott has his duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

He looks up at Victor. "Are you being released today too?" he asks. "No, I'm..." Victor trails off. "No." "Oh, okay," says Scott. "I was gonna say."

He holds out his hand. "Well, good luck with the future," he says brightly.

Victor just looks at him. Scott quickly closes his fist, nervously looking down at Victor's own hands, tucked in his hoodie pocket.

"Yeah," Scott says, opting for a thumbs-up instead. "Thanks," Victor says lamely. Someone calls Scott's name.

Scott immediately races towards the voice. "Mum!" he shouts. "Hi!!"

Two women greet him. One grabs him in a firm hug, laughing happily, while the other beams, hand resting on a pregnant belly. Victor watches from a distance.

"Allen. This way," Rabbit calls.

He's waiting beside a large Urquhart van. A very tall person with short, thick, curly blonde hair and wearing an Urquhart uniform waves goodbye at another security officer and is heading to meet Victor. "Looks like you're in big trouble this time," Rabbit says.

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