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Chapter 3, pg 6 (30 Mar 2016)

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"What are you talking about?" Victor says. "Being picked up by Urquhart?" Rabbit says. "Doesn't look good." "That's- it's not-" Victor stutters, but the Urquhart officer interrupts by loudly saying, "Good morning!"

"So you're Victor! Nathan's little prodigy." The officer gives Victor a friendly punch on the shoulder. She is considerably taller than him. "His what," Victor says, recoiling backwards.

The officer laughs. "Okay, let's get you cuffed," she says, holding up a pair of handcuffs. "Cuffed?!" Victor repeats disbelievingly. "Yep," the officer says. "It's the law."

"Hm. Nope. Doesn't look good at all," Rabbit muses, making a small note on a notepad. Victor shoots him daggers.

"I'm Holly, by the way," the officer says as she holds the handcuffs out. "Victor," Victor mutters. He slips his hands through the cuffs. "I know, I just said your name," Holly says, smiling.

They get into the van and head out onto the road, Victor in the front passenger seat. Holly waves another goodbye as Victor struggles to put his seatbelt on.

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seatbelts, everyone.

*drumroll* look at this nate fanart