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Chapter 3, pg 7 (6 Apr 2016)

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"We'll be there in about twenty minutes," Holly says. "Okay," says Victor.

She fiddles with the dashboard. "Want any music on?" "I don't mind," says Victor.

"Nervous?" she asks. "I guess," Victor replies, unenthused.

"If you're not feeling chatty, we don't have to chat," Holly says kindly.

"I-" Victor starts to say, but stops himself. He looks down at his cuffed hands, then turns to look out the window instead. The van speeds away towards Urquhart.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, there is an explosion of fire.

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my friend emily drew some beautiful muscle wives for me, check it out! they also drew me a whole bunch of julias a while back and also a panel redraw AND!! EVEN A FAN CHARACTER!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT! THANK YOU EMILY!!!!