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Chapter 3, pg 27 (26 Oct 2016)

investigation start

| Marscaleb (26 Oct 2016)

He just picked it up with his bare hands when it is covered in blood and sitting in an alley.

Does he not understand the concept of blood-born pathogens or something?


| reynard61 (27 Oct 2016)

@Marscaleb: Well he certainly doesn't seem to understand the concept of "scene contamination"...


| HumalaDuck (Guest) (27 Oct 2016)

@Marscaleb: He probably knows the full medical history of the person they're tracking.


| Oly-RRR (7 Dec 2016)

Aw yes, THE FUN PART!! ...until they catch the person and I feel bad for everyone involved.

But I was right about the chiiiiiiip ...do I get a chip for it? :P


| evegwood (8 Dec 2016)

@Oly-RRR: of course, a single congratulatory chip is on its way


| Oly-RRR (8 Dec 2016)

@evegwood: after reading the rest of this scene I'M ALREADY AFRAID