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Chapter 3, pg 28 (2 Nov 2016)

whatever dude

hey i'm going to thought bubble this weekend! i'm not tabling, just wandering around buying comics and crying, so if you see me come say hi!

also HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! i did the earl kids last year so this year have some urquharts. masha loves dressing up, holly doesn't "get" it, and nate definitely thinks neo is a complete badass (im so embarrassed for him)

| Corbie (Guest) (2 Nov 2016)

Heh. Nate, you grow up yourself, and learn a bit about communication. Even the socially deprived teenager who suffers from severe annoyance and being pissed off surpasses you at that. ;D


| Oly-RRR (7 Dec 2016)

Niiice costumes! 8) And I like how they have a lot of stuff to read, I also hope they have a lot of paperwork to do. *clings to the non-fun realities of policing in a comic about superhero kids*