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Chapter 3, pg 29 (9 Nov 2016)


thank you to everyone i saw at thought bubble! it was honestly the best time i have ever had at a convention, everyone was awesome and i bought so many comics oohhhh my god.

| spiremint (9 Nov 2016)

"victor i'd like to introduce you to someone, his name is Shuffling Trash, i think you'd make good friends,"


| Alterna (Guest) (9 Nov 2016)

Oh, maybe you'll get that trash bag pokemon! ...Google tells me it's name is Trubbish.


Help, or turn in? | MikeLinPA (Guest) (10 Nov 2016)

Is he gonna help him, or turn him in? (Help him!!!) Although, I bet he seriously needs some medical attention right now.


| evegwood (16 Nov 2016)

@spiremint: how did you know his name was shuffling trash, please tag your spoilers


| Oly-RRR (7 Dec 2016)

OMG I would so try not to go to the van in Nate's shoes (but I'd probably fail, never mind) but this just might be the lucky break the kid needs!!! AND HIS LUCK IS MADE OF SOMEONE ELSE'S BAD LUCK