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Chapter 3, pg 37 (18 Jan 2017)

We're back! Thanks for your patience!

All the reader questions have been moved to the Extras page! If you missed them, just click here to read them all.

Also, disqus is now the only way to comment on the site! Having two commenting systems felt very clunky and disqus is definitely much easier to manage, hope you like iitttt

Inhibit got featured on both Smackjeeves and Webtoons over the hiatus, which is super cool! Thank you!!! Inhibit is now also part of the tipping program over on the Tapastic app if that's how you like to read your comics :V

Lastly, some fanart!

That's all the news I got, see you next week! <3

EDIT: a lot of people were confused about the page and i realised i wasn't conveying what was going on well enough! i edited it slightly to hopefully be a bit less vague, sorry about that!