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Chapter 3, pg 65 (2 Aug 2017)

OKAY FIRST OF ALL, THIS WAS A DOUBLE UPDATE!! MAKE SURE YOU SAW THE FIRST PAGE GO BACK CLICK BACK AAAAAA (also inb4 someone corrects me - 999 is the UK equivalent of 911!)

This is the end of the chapter!! It took a year and a half but here we are!! Thank you SO MUCH for reading, this comic means a lot to me and the fact that there are people who enjoy it makes me feel so weird (in a good way, I promise).

I'm super excited to get into Chapter 4, but there's going to be a good long break before then: I gotta build a buffer, work on a secret side project (which I'm also super excited about, more news on that later), and I'm starting grad uni in September so I have to get ready for that!! But don't worry, I'm not leaving you empty-handed; I have some wonderful artists who have gifted me with some gorgeous guest art (sick alliteration) so come back every Wednesday to check it out!

If you want to keep up to date with comic news over the hiatus, you can follow my twitter, inhibit's tumblr, or my art tumblr. As usual, patrons will be getting sneak peeks at the upcoming pages over on Patreon for as little as a dollar a month, so if you've been enjoying the comic and would like to support me financially you should check it out! I also have a little PayPal tip jar if you'd like to make a one-off donation! Here's a quick lil rundown of what you can get on Patreon:
  • $1 gets you early access to pages

  • $2 gets you access to pencils for each page and weekly diary comics

  • $5 gets you a monthly pdf of sketchbook stuff i don't post anywhere else - yesterday's was 26 pages and has a whole bunch of good stuff! check it out!

  • Inhibit will also no longer be updating on Tapas! This is for a number of reasons, but in short I'd prefer for Inhibit to be on more stable platforms. Pages will still obviously be posted here on the main site, and if you prefer panel-by-panel updates (better suited for reading on a tablet or phone) you'll still be able to read the comic on Webtoon!

    Chapter 4 will start September 20th. I love you. Peace.