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Chapter 4, pg 3 (20 Sep 2017)

This was a special triple update! If you missed the start of the chapter, click here to go back to the first page!!

Chapter 4 begins! Thanks so much for your patience over the hiatus and a HUGE thank you to the amazing artists who were kind enough to do guest art for me. I'm pumped to finally start the story up again!

FIRST OF ALL, CHECK OUT INHIBIT'S SICK NEW LOGO???? It was designed by the supremely talented Spire Eaton of Recoil fame; as well as being an incredible webcomic creator, he is also an incredible graphic designer. If you're wanting any logos made, either for a project or maybe even for companies within your stories, I really recommend commissioning him, he was an absolute dream to work with.

Secondly, if you're going to Thought Bubble this weekend, be sure to swing by table 136 in the Millennium Square Marquee and say hi to me and Capp, the artist for Shaderunners! I'll have a bunch of art books, stickers, a collection of three years' worth of hourly comics, my new dysphoria zine, and some original ink drawings! :V I'll also have some small Inhibit stickers and postcards if you want some good good good good merch. idk, you're your own person, i dunno what you want. See you there!!!

ALSO the first two chapters have been completely relettered!! That means I went back and updated all the speech bubbles so they'd be beautiful and easier to read. The dialogue is the exact same, don't worry! If you want to go back and reread the comic before this chapter gets started, now you can do so in style~~~ If you've pledged $2 or more to my patreon, you can check out a PDF of old vs new page comparisons for Chapter 1 here and for Chapter 2 here!

Ummmmm what else, I redrew the little promotional banner things below this caption. The things that say "vote for whatever" and "support this blah blah" yeah. So that's new? NICE!

That was a lot of text, thanks for reading, I'm so excited to start updating again!!!! LET'S GO!!!!