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Chapter 4, pg 18 (9 Jan 2018)

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Panel 1.
"You wrote them a song??" Julia demands gleefully. David smiles, embarrassed. "Yeah," he says.

Panel 2.
David looks down at his guitar and continues, "I think I'm gonna... ask them out." "David!!!" Julia exclaims, beaming and leaning towards him. David laughs nervously.

Panel 3.
He looks back at his friends. "Is that a stupid idea?" he asks. "No, that's great!" Julia says enthusiastically. "You should do it." Victor tries to smile and gives him a thumbs-up. "Fingers crossed for you, man," he says.

Panel 4.
A close-up of David's face as he gives a nervous smile. "I don't want to, like... I don't want to muck up our friendship," he admits.

Panel 5.
"You two hang out all the time," Victor says. "I know, I'm just worried they don't feel the same," David replies. "That'd suck."

Panel 6.
Julia leans in even further as Victor watches her, arms folded. "... Can we hear the song?" she asks. David clutches his guitar, cheeks bright red again. "Nope, nope, nope," he says, staring at the floor.

Panel 7.
He takes off his guitar and sets it down by Julia's bed as she grins at him. "Are you asking them tonight?" she asks. "I dunno, I'll see," says David.

Panel 8.
David sits on the floor next to his guitar, tense. "Don't tell anyone!" he says. "Yeah, of course," Julia replies.

Panel 9.
We zoom out as the kids continue to talk. We can't hear what they're saying. There is a small box on top of the wardrobe where it seems Julia keeps her lockpicks and screwdriver.

End of page. Transcription by Eve.

hey it's 2018!! inhibit turns three years old in a couple of weeks and i am so pumped to see where this year takes me. let's KICK THIS YEAR'S ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you may have noticed a fancy new button above this caption (okay, it's not fancy, just new). over the holidays, i finally got around to wrangling into place a feature i've wanted to include for a while: page transcriptions! i absolutely adore webcomics, but they're a medium that rarely accommodates for blind or visually impaired readers. i want to give everyone the chance to read my silly comic! not every page has a transcript so far; i'm going to be working steadily through the whole comic, but there are about 140 pages to transcribe so it's going to take a wee while. i've done the entire first chapter and this page, but i won't have the chance to do much more for a bit, so if you'd like to help, absolutely feel free to do so! you can have a look at the transcription i've done for this page to get an idea of the style i'll be writing these in, and feel free to email me at evegwood [at] yahoo dot co dot uk if you'd like to help out. i might edit some things, but you'll always be credited for your work! i'm super excited about this and i can't wait to finish it ~*~*~*~*~

(also: i did some guest art for Drugs & Wires if you missed it! it went up on christmas day hehehehe)