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Chapter 4, pg 30 (4 Apr 2018)

EDIT: i forgot to turn the layer on with the electricity lmaO it's there now

brushy brushy

did you see the page my good pal spire made for me for april fool's? it's good. go look at it. also look at the one i made for his comic, recoil.

also march's sketchbook is now up on patreon! if you like seeing behind-the-scenes sketches, doodles, and notes that dont get posted anywhere else, give my patreon a look - only the three most recent sketchbooks are up at a time, and once theyre are gone, theyre gone!

also i'll be at deecon this saturday!! i'm sharing a table with hari conner, creator of nyx in the overworld and finding home - you might also remember them from this sick guest art. i'm going to have copies of my new comic DEADINBURGH as well as some inhibit prints, some wee zines, my witches, blah blah you know the drill. see you then!!