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Chapter 4, pg 42 (6 Jun 2018)

That's the end of the chapter!! We did it in less than a year this time!!!!! AMAZING. Thank you SO much for reading! Here's the rundown of what's gonna happen over the next month or so:

  • There's going to be a long break while I build a buffer for Chapter 5 and also work on my ~*~*~dissertation comic~*~*~ (oh my god it's been three years since my undergrad dissertation hiatus that's terrifying)

  • Character Q&A updates are going to go up every Wednesday and Saturday for the next two weeks, and then guest art every Wednesday for the six weeks after that! Reader Questions don't go on the main part of the site so they won't appear in RSS feeds or anything like that, but they'll be archived on the extras page if you miss them!

  • Chapter 5 will start on the 15th of August

  • I'm going to be at Glasgow Comic Con on June 30th, come say hi! As well as Deadinburgh, my Inhibit prints, and some old merch, I'm also going to have my new 2018 hourlies, some new stickers, and a new Inhibit zine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!