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Guest Art: Leigh Wortley (27 Jun 2018)

It's time for GUEST ART!!!! Let's start off with this great Julia by Leigh Wortley, who makes Moth Girl, a queer slice of life comic! Just look at those luscious locks. You can also find Leigh on Twitter or check out their website here!


Some other stuff:

  • I made some personality quizzes! If you've ever wanted to know what variation you'd have or what facility you'd be part of, now you can find out! What's your official inhibitsona, mine's a cryo from Urquhart :0

  • I made a mistake in the announcement on the last page of Chapter 4! Chapter 5 actually starts on August 15th, not August 8th! I miscounted the weeks, my bad.

  • I'm going to be at Glasgow Comic Con this Saturday with a WHOOOLE bunch of new stuff! Come say hi!