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Guest Art: Ell Walker (8 Aug 2018)

The final guest illustration comes from Ell Walker! When she told me her idea for her guest art I was like GOD yes... please......... let my girls have some fun I love them so much.. Ell makes a whole bunch of comics that you can check out on her portfolio site (be sure to check out her Mermay pieces from this year holy shit can you do that with coloured pencil???), and you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

And that's the end of the hiatus!!! I'm going to be at ECAF in Edinburgh on August 12th, table 10, come say hi if you're in town! It's free!! Also the first two pages of chapter 5 are already up on Patreon, and the chapter starts here on the main website next Wednesday, can you believe it, I'm SO excited. See you then!!