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Chapter 5, pg 34 (27 Mar 2019)


I honestly can't believe I've drawn this much comic :O When I started writing Inhibit as a Teen™ it was my dream to see it published as a real book and two weeks ago I got to hold a whole real printed copy of Inhibit: Book One in my hands. It was maybe the best thing ever. I can't believe I drew enough comic to make a book out of it.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has read Inhibit, whether you've been here since the beginning or if you just found it today. I've had the best time drawing it over the last four years and I have so much good stuff still to show you! I'm going to be taking a break for a few months now, my first real serious hiatus since I started to post the comic. I need time to build up a buffer at a leisurely pace and also work on some other projects I'm excited about. There'll be guest art and reader questions in the meantime; if you have any questions for the characters, please post them in the comments below!

Chapter 6 starts on July 3rd. But in the meantime...

Why not join the brand new Inhibit Discord server?

Since this break is a pretty long one, I thought it would be fun to have a central place for readers to chat and for me to be able to post some behind-the-scenes stuff! It's only been running for a couple of days but it's already a lot of fun, we've split people into facilities à la Hogwarts houses and wars are already being waged. Come check it out and make use of these emojis I made. I am not a pixel artist don't look at them too close.